About Our Lab.

We are the routing lab in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, also in the Institute for Network Science and Cyberspace at Tsinghua University. We work broadly in the intersection between networking, system, security, and machine learning, with a special focus on the following topics recently (selected recent publications):

We are constantly looking for highly motivated students (undergrad and graduate) who are interested in building pioneering networked systems. Please email email_xmw.png if you are interested.


  • (Jul 2022) Gringotts accepted to CCS 2022. Congrats Junxian!
  • (Jul 2022) AFR accepted to NSDI 2023. Congrats Zili, Tingfeng, Yixin, and Bo!
  • (May 2022) "Achieving Consistent Low Latency for Wireless Real-Time Communications with the Shortest Control Loop" accepted to SIGCOMM 2022. Congrats Zili, Yaning, and Bo!
  • (May 2022) "PrintQueue: Performance Diagnosis via Queue Measurement in the Data Plane" accepted to SIGCOMM 2022. Congrats Yiran!
  • (Dec 2021) "IMap: Fast and Scalable In-Network Scanning with Programmable Switches" accepted to NSDI 2022. Congrats Guanyu, Menghao, Cheng, and Han!


The Group is directed by Prof. Mingwei Xu. Now the group has several Ph.D. students and master students. For more information, please refer to the page of People.